Funeral service at Kauri Bay Boomrock

The Final Farewell

Saying goodbye is tough. Even when it's expected it still turns your world upside down. It's by telling the story of their life that we get to honour our loved ones and give them the perfect send off.
I consider it a privilege to facilitate the final farewell. It's a highly emotional time and things can get overwhelming. I serve as gentle hand to guide you through. We meet to plan the service and chat over a cuppa, collating tales and memories of your loved one into a true and honouring service to tell the story of their life. Then I put it all together, and deliver a great tribute that will leave you with a feeling of warmth in your heart.


Services Offered

Funeral service

Memorial service

Graveside service

Interment of Ashes


Musician/Singer for the service

Musician/Singer for the wake

Dog Funeral

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